"It’s not a crime to be a beautiful woman."

~ Body of Evidence (1993)


Your experience begins in the exact same place that criminals were booked and processed. The Clatsop County Jail was a movie set for The Goonies, Come See The Paradise, and Short Circuit. Today, it is still a movie set - a movie set for your movie!

While you are purchasing your "set pass" be sure and check out the first green-screen experience! This will give you a taste of what you will be doing as you tour the museum. Next, you'll pass through our hall of quotes. Think you know your Oregon Film Quotes? Give it a try... fabulous prizes may await you.

Gallery I - Hot Set

Quiet on the set, please! In here you'll discover just what it takes to make a major motion picture. Use your set pass to film your own unique Oregon Film. There are three distinct sets. Choose famous scenes and lines to re-enact or make up your own. Will you be the Director or the Cinematographer? What is a Gaffer anyway? How about a Best Boy? Using some of the 300+ Oregon films as examples, you'll be introduced to all of the people it takes to produce your favorite movies. Don't forget to visit the props department or the location scout's area.

Gallery II - The Goonie Gallery

Located in the actual jail cells of the old Clatsop County Jail, Gallery II contains all the Goonies information you'll ever want, including the Corey Connection, Goonies Memorabilia, the Goonies Jailcam, and even Data's Jacket. Visitors are encouraged to leave a message for the Goonies and vote for their favorite Goonies character.

Gallery III - Post Production

Here you'll edit your film and make sure it's ready for release to the public. See some of the recent cinematic masterpieces from other visitors.

Before you leave the jail, be sure and take your own "mug shot" to add to our gallery of prisoners!


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