"You always want to invest in things people can't do without. Water and cemeteries... pretty safe bets."

~ Mr. Brooks (2007)

Without Evidence

The story revolves around a possible conspiracy behind the real life murder of the Oregon's Head of Corrections Michael Francke.

  • Rated: R
  • Genre(s): Thriller, Drama
  • Release Date: 01/01/1995
  • Run Time: 93 minutes
  • Director(s): Gill Dennis
  • Writers: Phil Stanford, Gill Dennis
  • Stars: Scott Plank, Anna Gunn, Andrew Prine
  • Cast: Scott Plank, Anna Gunn, Andrew Prine, Angelina Jolie, Paul Perri, Kristen Peckinpah, Allen Nause, Chris Mastrandrea, Danny Bruno, Ernie Garrett, Eric Hull, Ed Collier, Geof Prysirr, Michael Russo, Jason Tomlins
  • Studios:

Without Evidence

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