"22 years. Man, L.A. has changed a lot during that time. The air got dirty and the sex got clean."

~ Point Break (1991)

Rennie's Landing

Fate reuintes college friends a year after graduation and they decide to recapture the idealistic spirit of their college days.

  • Rated: R
  • Genre(s): Drama
  • Release Date: 10/03/2003
  • Run Time: 103 minutes
  • Director(s): Marc Fusco
  • Writers: Marc Fusco, Michael Garrity
  • Stars: Charlotte Ayanna, Ethan Embry, Peter Facinelli
  • Cast: Charlotte Ayanna, Ethan Embry, Peter Facinelli, Scott Foley, Jennifer Garner, Jeff Anderson, Debra Christofferson, Gabriel Olds, Charles Walker, Gary Werntz, Kiele Sanchez, Victor McCay, Annalouise Paul, Paul Dooley, Lenny Goldsmith
  • Studios: Magellan Filmed Entertainment, The Nickel Palace

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